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My boyfriend's back and I'm going to get in trouble.... I am above and beyond excited that Kate Walsh brought back this fragrance. This is my all-time most favorite perfume ever!!! The scent is long-lasting. The dry down is absolutely beautiful. Men and women that cannot deny how wonderfully alluring and sexy this scent is

Finally I found the perfume made for me!

I love everything about him! ! It smells like strength and seduction. Before discovering it, I usually "stole" my men perfume. It's so nice to have found a more romantic & feminine one that recalls those fragrances.

Give yourself a gift... and one for a friend

I bought one for myself and my daughter and we both LOVE them. Sturdy. Roomy. Soft, supple material. Classy. Pleasing to the eye. So worth the price!

Sophisticated and Sexy

I first heard about 'Boyfriend' on Kate Walsh's Instagram page. Then I saw they were running a promo for the sample size. I've been contemplating a new fragrance for a little while and I honestly think I've found it. As a woman in my mid 30's, I like a fragrance that is slightly bold and not too feminine. Boyfriend is sophisticated, sexy and light enough to wear everyday.