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Let's Talk about Self-Care

Let's Talk about Self-Care

Self care is essential for living our best lives. It's so easy to let this be the first thing that gets left behind as we get busy in the day-to-day stress of life. But when we get in the habit of prioritizing our own needs first, we can better care for the rest of the people and tasks in our lives. We've made a list of three easy ways that you can practice self care and rejuvenate your spirit for a more balanced life.

1. Have a Relaxing Night in

(Source: The Society Gal)

Plan one night a week that is all about you and getting your max relaxation on. This night can go however you want, but some of our favorite things to do on a night in is put a face mask on, take a bath, and read our favorite book. Hot baths can dry you out, so make sure to put on your favorite Boyfriend hand & body crème afterwards. The hyaluronic acid will help maintain moisture and make your skin smoother!

2. Stay in Bed Longer

 (Source: Emerald Haus)

Plan this for a weekend, or maybe a weekday where you don't have any morning commitments. Grab a journal, mediate, cuddle your kitten, whatever it is; simply enjoy your bed a little longer on this day. To take it to the next level, grab your Boyfriend Eau de Parfum and lightly spray your sheets as you settle in. Scent is the most powerful of our senses and can have a direct connection with your mood, so why not start the day on a positive note.

3. Have a Nail Spa Day at Home

(Source: Mini Nail Studio)

Self care doesn’t necessarily mean you need to splurge. Grab a great nail color and do a spa day at home. We suggest turning on your favorite TV show or movie and binge away while you treat yourself to a manicure. And here's a Boyfriend pro-tip: apply the pulse point oil to your cuticles to help in making them smooth, and prevent peeling.

We hope you try one or all three of these tips! You deserve to take a breather and treat yourself to a self-care day. 

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