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Ritch Chocolate Rituals x Boyfriend Collab

Ritch Chocolate Rituals x Boyfriend Collab

You’ve smelled Boyfriend… now you can taste Boyfriend too with the tastiest collab yet- Ritch Chocolate Rituals x Boyfriend.


About Ritch x Boyfriend Chocolate Bar

Boyfriend and Ritch Chocolate Rituals introduce you to an exciting collaboration: the 'Ritch x Boyfriend: Salted Quinoa & Vanilla' chocolate bar. 

The chocolate's salted quinoa and vanilla flavor is inspired by the hints of vanilla in our Original Boyfriend scent. Each chocolate bar is USDA organic certified and  handmade in Los Angeles. The ingredients include cacao paste, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, sea salt, vanilla powder, quinoa, vanilla essential oil. It's available for purchase in a 3-pack or 6-pack of chocolate bars.

The packaging comes with a scannable QR code that links to a guided meditation with Kate Walsh! You can follow along and meditate with Kate while you enjoy your Ritch x Boyfriend chocolate for the ultimate wind-down moment.


What is Ritch Chocolate Rituals?

Ritch Chocolate Rituals is an L.A. based chocolate brand founded by Alexa Silvaggio, a wellness entrepreneur who believes organic chocolate and meditation are a perfect pairing for moments of self-care and indulgence. Ritch sells paleo, vegan, sustainable, and organic chocolate bars that make it easy to indulge without any guilt. The mindful & mouth-watering chocolate bars all come with QR codes on the packaging made to scan for a 2 minute guided breath-work ritual to help you unwind and enjoy the pleasure of your own presence.


Why the Collab?

You may be asking yourself, “Okay, but how did this collab even come about?” Well, it’s pretty simple. Boyfriend primarily caters to one of the 5 senses; smell. With this in mind, Alexa Silvaggio and Kate Walsh thought why not give people the chance to taste Boyfriend as well? The two entrepreneurs created this sweet co-branded collaboration with the purpose of giving people another way of enjoying the classic Boyfriend everyone loves - through delicious Ritch chocolate they can taste. 

Kate saw this collaboration as the perfect opportunity to shine a light on female-owned small businesses. As a huge supporter of female-led businesses and as a business woman herself, Kate had a strong desire to emphasize the importance of women in the business world. Kate’s journey with founding, launching, and relaunching Boyfriend led her to experience and understand roadblocks women face with running a small business. She wanted to create a meaningful way for her and Boyfriend to show support, which is why she is excited to share Alexa’s story and introduce Ritch Chocolate Rituals to the world through this empowering, sweet collaboration.

Ritch and Boyfriend want you to pause and enjoy the pleasure of your own company with the most mindful chocolate there is. We believe that you are the center of your own universe and you shouldn’t wait for anyone’s permission to make yourself your top priority. 


Where Can I Get It?

The ‘Ritch x Boyfriend: Salted Quinoa & Vanilla' chocolate is exclusively sold on the Ritch Chocolate Rituals website, click here to check it out.

Available for U.S. domestic shipping only. For more shipping information, visit Ritch Chocolate Ritual's webpage here.


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