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Single Boyfriend Eau de Parfum 50ml glassbottle.
Manicured hand holding 50ml Boyfriend Parfum bottle.

Boyfriend Eau de Parfum Spray 50 mL


Boyfriend Car Fragrance

Upright single Hand and Body Creme tube.
"Vegan", "Cruelty Free", and "BPA Free" on back of Hand and Body Creme.

Boyfriend Hand & Body Crème


Boyfriend Candle

Single 100 ml Boyfriend Room Spray glass bottle.

Boyfriend Room Spray

Set of one 50ml eau de parfum, one 9ml rollerball, and one gift box.
Boyfriend Eau de Parfum by Kate Walsh

Boyfriend Essentials Pack

Single cream bag with fabric handles and boyfriend in black printed on one side with white tissue paper

Boyfriend Gift Bag

Set one 50ml eau de parfum, one 60ml hand and body creme, and one gift box.

Boyfriend 2-Piece Set


Boyfriend Down Under Candle


Boyfriend Morning W'oud Candle


Boyfriend Candle Ménage à Trois


Boyfriend Down Under Car Fragrance

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