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Boyfriend Home Gift Set by Kate Walsh

Boyfriend Home Gift Set


Spice up your living space with the Boyfriend Home Gift Set. The Room Spray leaves a lingering hint of vanilla making any room smell delicious and inviting. Light up the Boyfriend Candle to fill your space with imagination, personality, and a Boyfriend that’s timeless. Hang in your closet, tuck away in your drawer, or stash the fragrant scent of Boyfriend anywhere you’d enjoy a hint of the only one you need. The Cosmetic Travel Bag keeps everything safe and within easy reach with a matte finish and gold detail.

Smells Like: Softly Floral, Delicately Spicy, & Woodsy Vanilla

Fragrance Notes:
Top: Dark Plum, Myrrh
Middle: Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin Tears 
Base: Vegan Musk, Golden Amber, Patchouli, Cistus Absolute

The Set includes:


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